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For those who feel close to none but belong to more than one

Get your HAFU merch from the club you belong to.

To the Hafu's all across the world: Embrace your difference. Stand out, fit in.

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Get to know the creator of HAFU CLUB

Hello, Konnichiwa, My name is Robert. I am the creator of HAFU CLUB and I wanted to welcome you to this website with open arms. I would firstly like to point out that if you are reading this, you are meant to be here. You have found out about us because you are most likely a Hafu yourself. I am a Japanese and British Hafu who has lived in both countries, speak both languages and understand the differences in their cultures. I have already written a book which is available on my Instagram bio or you can go to:

which outlines the unique experience I faced living as a Hafu from my perspective.

Now, I wish to give back by promoting our identity even further by releasing apparel that represents our very unique form of identity in this world. 

Where ever you are on this earth, it is important to be recognised and be celebrated for your diverse character. I know that we can often feel isolated as we can be met with exclusion from society as we do not conform to the general ethnic identities seen more commonly. However, I have created clothes you can wear to feel proud of who you are. 


Stand out, fit in.

If you wish to know more about me, follow me on Instagram @rjpno

You can contact me or ask me any questions related to the topic of HAFU CLUB.

Let's build our Hafu community together.

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